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05 April 2011


IT IS BETTER TO BE A DRUG MULE IN THE PHILIPPINES: you got more than enough TV mileage, your family are given jobs and scholarships, the Catholic Church would pray like you are going for sainthood, and you have your president extolling your bravery.

Meanwhile, overseas Filipino workers who are contributing to the economy of the Philippines are left to tend for themselves even if they are in life-threatening situations. 

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kg said...

hi edik! i read an article by ramon tulfo ata sharing the same sentiments.

i's like helping the families of murderers or robbers or what-have-you (all just because they were caught in another country).

sabi nga nila, if you want free education for your kids, or help from other people, be a drug mule at magpahuli ka sa ibang bansa.

Edik said...

this is sad Grace. di ba? yung naghihirap ng totoo are neglected. even left on their own.