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03 June 2011

Because Filipinos are drug traffickers

So this is now the tag most of Filipinos traveling abroad are now getting- DRUG TRAFFICKERS! Filipinos are subjected to whole body search and "special treatment" because of this. So my advice, again, be extra cautious when you travel to countries where drug means death. Those "padala" from friends, never accept them, or they could be your life sentence.

Here is a good story of Chyng Reyes who went to Bali, Indonesia for a vacation and experienced trauma instead at the immigration department.

My name is Chyng Reyes. I graduated with a degree of Electronics and Communications Engineering in a state university in Intramuros. I work in a BPO company in MoA complex as part of Systems Development team. Im a blogger who frequently travels. 


kg said...

hi edik! chyng [anf fyanie] are blogger friends of mine...this was soo traumatic for them! medyo nashake ako dito kasi before, when i travel, i've never thought of these things. yes, i've heard that these happen. pero iba when it happens to someone you really know. it all suddenly becomes "real."

it's a sad truth about travelling. but it's something that can be traumatizing really!

Edik said...

knowing they are your friends, I know you also felt their trauma.

sad that this happened to them because of what other Pinoys were doing in this past months.

We should be careful since we are not in our territories. Like what Chyng wrote, we could be framed up out there.