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24 June 2011

The art of media-whoring politicians in the guise of promotions

Whenever I want to explore the province of Cebu I always expect Governor Gwen Garcia to be there with me. We are neither friends nor acquaintances, much more, I don’t personally know her. But Governor Garcia is with me all the time in these destinations.

I am referring to the large posters all over the towns of Cebu promoting Garcia’s Suroy-Suroy sa Sugbo. Even in the emerging (the government love this term!) destinations, Governor Garcia is there posing like she owns the place. Her picture and posters are bigger than the place itself. What an ugly site!

Don’t we all hate to be with aliens when we travel?

There is a ban on the showing of names and faces of politicians in government projects here in the Philippines. If Noynoy Aquino is steadfast on his law banning politicians to show their names and faces everywhere to whore themselves, would Garcia be guilty of media whoring? We should be reminded of the fact that it was the people’s money they were using to promote their selfish intentions in the guise of tourism promotions.

I don’t know why these politicians love their faces pasted on everything when, honestly, they need more than a makeover for people, including tourists, to be pleased about their being there.

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Photo courtesy of Khen Soronio


kg said...

i agree edik, the focus should be on the place, not on the mayor or governor. isa pa, parang napakasexy naman ata ng governor nyo dyaan sa poster na yan! it's distracting!

Edik said...

hahaha sexy ba? hay. she's all over Cebu. in newspapers, tarpaulins, etc. nakakasuka na.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edik,
I totally agree with you, Almost all incumbent politicians in our country does,Seems everybody does!
They post a billboard besides a "waiting Shade project with all their names written on it, Here it goes,, "Another project of the Governor "So & so"thru the support of Mayor S0 & So" with the cooperation of the barangay Captain So & So,, list of councilors, But why ???? Automatic political campaign in non election time!!! Can they work without announcing what they did?
I hope the this ban works in all places in the Philippines as it is really not good.

Thank you for this post. Good job !!

Edik said...

Anonymous- thank you for taking time to read my blog. i am happy Sen. Mirian Santiago is filing the so-called Anti-Epal Law (Senate Bill No. 1967) so that politicians like Garcia, and others can no longer claim projects as their own. Santiago said that the practice of public officials claiming credit for a project “promotes a culture of political patronage and corruption.” INDEED!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edik,

We have our right & responsibility towards our beloved country. Have a look on this and let's spread out and make a big noise!!! it's about time to stop all these.
Have a look what I've found!!!


Edik said...

Anonymous- thank you for the link. i am documenting government projects with politician's names on them so i can have proof against them.