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05 June 2011

Filipino resilience and the E. Coli

Lately, Germany is attacked by Escherichea Coli bacteria popularly known as E.coli. E.coli is mostly found in raw food like vegetable salad and beef.

Strangely, this bacteria lives in our intestines without us knowing and surprisingly help us in our digestive processes within. But some strain, the term used for viruses and bacteria that has acquired superpowers so to speak, gets into our blood and cause serious infections.

From Germanu, the bacteria attack has spread in Spain and throughout Europe and several deaths have been reported.

But poverty in the Philippines has shunned E.Coli bacteria from its vocabulary. Mostly. Only those in the upper strata have actually blamed the bacteria for some diarrhea attacks.

When a fruit has started to get brown, because they were displayed first before being eaten, the affected areas were pruned and given to pigs to eat. Ok pa to. This is still okay. When vegetables started to rot, the rotten area were pinched and carved while the rest goes to cooking pots. Wala pa yan. When bread has accumulated molds, the greenish part were taken and the rest toasted or given to domestic helps to be eaten right away. Pwede pa. There is no E.Coli in the Philippines!

And then kidney problems started to become a trend in this part of the world.

Before cooking up something, wash your vegetables first, thoroughly I should say, and pause to read the following articles. These are worth a read:

Washington Post: Germany presses to find cause of E.Coli outbreak that killed 18
CNN: E.coli: Is my salad safe?
VOA News: E.coli: Good Bacteria Gone Bad

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