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16 June 2011

The lunar eclipse from my window

This is one of those days that I wish for a better camera. I woke up at 3AM just to take some shots at the height of the lunar eclipse visible from my window. But sadly the shots were not that good. But I have the shots. Better than none at all. 

After much awe and amazement, the sun finally told me to go to bed again. I still have work later of the day.


kg said...

madaling araw pala sya...kaya pala wala ako kamaly-malay na may eclipse pala! sayang!

Edik said...

hehehe baka naghihilik ka pa Grace nang mangyari ang exclipse.

the eclipse started around 1AM and ended past 7AM even if we were not able to see it anymore. at 4AM, it was total.