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26 June 2011

Another chance of seeing Marketman change people's tastes and faces

If the foretold Rapture happened tonight I am very sure there will be a few who would remain on earth because no ecstatic or heavenly movement would be able to lift the bodies of about 40 people attending Marketmanila’s lechon eyeball. Never.

Yes. It happened again today, a few hours ago, the long awaited Lechon Eyeball of the fans and followers of It has been more than three years,  I think, that I had my first taste of the culinary innovations of Marketmanila and my first attendance to a Lechon Eyeball. Yes, I never got to taste those lazy pigs crouching in a tray but everyone said it was the best.

And tonight was no exemption. Of course, nobody would say it was just a so-so affair!

When I arrived at the venue, everyone was already scampering ahead to taste the first treat of the night. What else but the famous lechon Anthony Bourdain confirmed to be the best. So far. He has traveled that far to discover and affirm that. And not just one lechon suffered at the hungry mouths of Marketman’s guests that night but, four, I counted. There was a lechon with whole chickens stuffed inside while they were grilled. I wonder what would they taste.

Grabbing a bottle of cold beer and making beso-beso with long-lost-co-bloggers-turned-friends, I stayed where I am comfortable with, near the cooking pits. Because Marketman was preparing a seafood paella.

It has been my desire to cook paella. Honestly, I am just scared to try because I thought it would require more patience and time. But after watching Marketman and his sidekick, Angel and their staff breezing it out, I was again inspired at the sight.

So I promised myself I will make a paella and would make it better than Marketman’s. Soon.

I left at the venue after an hour or so because I still have to work. I left bringing along with me a souvenir cupcake with the proud pig logo of Zubuchon and a pack of piyatitos from Lee.

I haven’t eaten them yet. I will wait for another ecstatic moment. At midnight, perhaps?

(The only thing that disgusted me at the Eyeball was that I have only my phone camera with me and I could not capture the intimacy of the selected few guests attending the event. I failed to capture the ecstatic faces of guests receiving the crunchy lechon skin from Marketman. I can only sigh.)

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