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28 November 2007

Back to Reality: Sex Matters

This is not a scientific study. I am not a scientist. This is purely based on observations.

Everything that has SEX on it really matters and even sells.

On August 16, being bored after a whole day seminar, I put a “Busy” on my Yahoo Messenger (YM) Status Message. No one bothered to give me a message. When I put “Having Sex” on my status suddenly the lines were busy! Eleven men dropped me messages saying they were interested to join.

August 19, a Monday, I logged in to YM and put the “Busy” status again. One asked me for a date; two people were asking me business details and two more saying Hi and Hello. Later on that same day I changed it to “Stepped Out. Having Breakfast at Jollibee” and two people drop me a line asking themselves to join with me. Weird.

On August 23, I put my blogspot address on my YM and no one bothered to drop me a line. Tempted to make a mess, I put “Having Sex” again on my YM later during lunchtime. I received 10 messages from different people some of which were not in my Friends List, all asking “Let me join you,” “Can I see you doing that?”, “Whose your partner?”, and the sorts. And all of them were men. Some were from Metro Manila area, some from the Middle East, three in Cebu.

August 26, I put again my Blogspot address alternating with my Multiply account. Only two people drop me a line. Both of which I initiated the discussions. In the afternoon, I changed my status to “Having Sex” again and obviously I was bombarded with messages with the usual lines. All from men.

Today I put the “Stepped Out” status. Finally a woman dropped me a line asking if I am okay. Since the status is kind of obvious that I am out, I did not reply.

I put the “Having Sex” status early evening and so far there are already 5 men saying they are interested. And I am still counting. One I believed is from Bohol since he called me Sano.

FYI, I have 43 entries in my Friends list in this account. Only 5 are women. My other YM account is for my personal-business use.

Since I am not scientifically-inclined I would like to ask you readers to make me a Table to get me a good picture of the ratio of my unscientific study.


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neil gerard said...

ahahahaah! tsk.. saonz!

nyway, hinay hinayong nako nig basa..ah... basta may time...