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28 November 2007

Travel Back in Time: A Wedding Speech

As I cleaned my old computer files, I came across a draft speech. I remember, so many years back, I was asked to give a speech for my friend's wedding. I can't remember if I have delivered this one or I was so drunk during the delivery that I forgot. Anyways here it is-

I am supposed to give Words of Wisdom to the newlyweds. I’m telling you I am not that wise no matter my age. Anyways, I still would like to share some thoughts and wishes to Ricky and Jenjen.

I’ve known Ricky for quite a while. Some people have mistaken us as twins specially that we’ve spent most of our time together when we were still at the Vice Governor’s later Governor’s Office. He was my computer mentor, in fact without him; I would be in some place I don’t know. I forced myself to be adopted by his family. His Mommy and Daddy are my Mommy and Daddy too. I borrow his clothes. I borrow money from him. Well- you know- brothers... At that time, I knew Ricky and Jenjen was some sort of “friends” and I never knew that it would come to this point.

Jenjen is a very special friend too. She is just sweet, malambing and very thoughtful. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because Ricky and I are friends. Morag nagpalaban because at that time they were only “friends”. Jenjen had her selosong boyfriend. Ako man gani kalingaw selosan adto niya. Ricky had an eye with our beautiful officemate.

Last (year), Jenjen came home from UK and I was excited because I know I have my pasalubong as usual. When she went to Bohol, I was suddenly fetched from the office with the thought that we were going to Calape, Bohol because some of her friends from there were having a handa man tingali or a fiesta. I don’t know exactly. At that time, I was assigned in another office under the Office of the Governor so I was not as connected with my old friends. There were five of us. Ricky was there, of course.

When we arrived in Calape, there and then I knew that they were going to be married by a judge who is also a friend of ours! No earth jod ko adtong panahona! They were not telling other friends, their parents, their brothers or sisters. All by ourselves ra jod to. Paita! Gihimo pa jod kong witness at that time! Meaning ninong na ko nila adtong panahona. Samot kapait kay pagkahibaw sa taga-Cebu nga minyo na sila, ako pa jod ang na-alaan nga maoy giminyoan. Maayo na lang wala ko mapatay sa uyab ni Jenjen at that time! I’m sure dili na sad ko niya patyon karon.

And I like that experience! It means that this couple has determination. They knew they were right. They stood by each other. And I hope that in love, they share friendship, mutual trust, and faith in God to their new family and the families that surround them.

To Ricky and Jenjen: Be full of love. Congratulations and best wishes.

Wala ba kayong mga kamay dyan?


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