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27 November 2007

Roads to Relaxation

We all have a choice. We can live life in the "fast lane", pushing ourselves hard from one experience to the next, until one day we can push ourselves no more; or we can turn off the superhighway to follow quieter, slower roads that encourage our driving skills, rather than our driving speed. Ultimately, we may reach the same destination. However, the different routes by which we travel there will determine the state of our mind and body on arrival.

Perhaps we have forgotten how to make such choices. Certainly, for many of us, the fastest route seems the obvious one. Yet we sacrifice so much in taking it. We miss the fascinating views of landmarks and scenery, as well as the sheer charm of following a quieter road. The routes to relaxation are winding, with so many turnings. We may even lose our way from time to time, but that all adds to the fascination, the sense of adventure and surprise.

Leaving the superhighway can prove difficult. Even if we resolve to try one of the roads branching off to left or right, unless we dispel the deep-rooted thinking that made us want to take the fast lane in the first place, we shall soon find ourselves back there.

Relaxation cannot he hurried. We must have faith that our slow, circuitous journey will take us in the end to the land of calm perspectives --- the place we all dream of in our hearts.

from the book Learn To Relax: A Practical Guide to Easing Tension & Conquering Stress by Mike George

Paintings: Relaxation in Autumn; Relaxation in Jade; Relaxation in Green #2 all from

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