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03 May 2008

That Was A Feast

Despite the claims of government officials that we have a rice crisis, we actually can buy as much rice as our money can buy, if you have the money. Is it RICE CRISES or MONEY CRISES? Hayyy so many things are now being invented by the government to cover-up its inefficiency and the obviously obvious corruption.

Despite with that fact, we go on feasting (attention Bohol fiestas) and buying things other people can't buy. Look around, even Carbon market is busy with the haggling and business is alive and well.

Speaking of feast, I had a great lunch the other week with my housemates. Our feast consisted of red rice, steamed okra with bagoong, isda pinaksiw style with vegetables and a bottle of ice-cold Coke was consumed heartily!

I have to burp many times.

Excuse me.

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