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22 May 2008

I hate spams and spammers!

I got irritated by my yahoogroup because most of the members there believed in what was sent as spam. And they are blocking important messages for the group. I even cannot send my messages maybe due to this fact.

One obvious spam goes like this-

This is Yahoo President Anna Rubenecia, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management kane & korn: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL COST $10.00 A MONTH TO USE IT! TO SEND 2 EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST, RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR GROUP DO NOT DELETE.

I have to lecture to the group the basics of spamming. From the message itself one can readily judge (I know, you cannot judge the book if you are not a judge!) that this is pure spam. If they have time to send spams, maybe they also have time to research who is the President of Yahoo! and verify themselves if what they were sending were true.

And the message above is fallacious just by introducing herself as President. Yahoo!'s President is Susan Decker. Follow this link to see Yahoo!'s Management Team.


For more info on how spammers get into your inbox, a nice read from Can Talk Tech blog will make you in the know: File Attachments Spammers Use To Infiltrate Your Inbox.

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