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25 May 2008

Text Scams- Beware!

I've heard people at the printing press that somebody texted them and asked them for a load. Thinking they knew the person or feeling an opportunity of some kind coming in, they readily gave in.

I just could not understand this. I find this ridiculous. I mean, why on earth should I be giving my few pesos to a person I didn't even know? How on earth should a sane person not notice the scam?

Just this morning when I thought everything will be all right, I heard my mobile phone vibrate. Of all messages this came in:

0915-234-5347: hon d2 ka nalang reply or call asap mahalaga sasabihen ko sayo send ka load 100pesos last txt na e2

So now I am part of his/her/it network huh.

And wait, if you also received this, don't you ever ask yourself why the message? I don't know somebody calling me HON, so the it was wrong on this. I did not text somebody anybody this morning because I just woke up. The it was wrong again. I am a Bisaya, the it was texting me in Taglish. The it miss that too.

So why not notice the scam?

More cellphone scams are created everyday, so beware. More read by thecellfreak on scams, click here.

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Rhodilee said...

Everytime I receive messages from those anonymous pranksters asking me to send them "emergency load", I try to report the number to my network's customer service.

A globe representative once told me that if the numbers of these pranksters are repeatedly reported, their number might get flagged and discontinued. I hope di ako niloloko ng customer service.:-)

I really really HATE those schemy load greedy monsters!