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20 May 2008

Domestic Squabbles Again

When you have been traveling and working for 10 hours a day, all you want is a quiet, nice and clean room to rest. But everytime I go home this is not the case.

I have been harsh and hoarse from nagging about cleanliness to no avail. Now when someone reads this- I will be the bad person I've become.

(And indeed! An anonymous comment made my prediction come true. Please read the comments posted here.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe next time, you can inform this pest of a roommate that you are coming home and not surprise the roommie by not announcing that you are actually going home two days before the supposed date so that you can expect a "tidier" room with less dust and you'll have a smile on your face and not get a headache...di ba? Dint you think of that? Or maybe you just wanna surprise the roommie because you want to catch him doing something you thought he is doing secretly without your knowledge! Sink that in. Try. Bf mo tong roommate na to? Relative? Son? Cousin? Pamangkin? Usually in most roommate cases, the other one is a almost-perfect, self-proclaimed O.C. and the other is a dirty, self-absorbed, self-righteous, tongue-lasher bitch who does not want to be fragmented!
Ooppss! TMI. Too much info? Almost. But not quite. Hey, you got a very nice blog here. Let's meet up sometime. I'll be in Cebu three days from now. =)

Edik said...

hmmm interesting piece you have, i tell you.

i never mentioned in my blog that i went back two days before sched. fyi. or maybe you were just a misinformed nanny?

the fact is- i told my housemate i shall be back on a sunday but actually went home monday late afternoon. our overstaying guest (my housemate's guest, actually) can attest to that.

and why should i try to catch him?

what you mean sink that in? you mean sink into the dusts and dirt?

you indeed are/were misinformed.

pity you.