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20 May 2008

I believe in taxicab drivers, mostly

Taxicab drivers are full of unsolicited information, just like barbers. They amuse me everytime with their opinion on the current issues I never knew was there. Except of course those crooks who have nothing to do but make your travel a little bit out of the way to gain a few pesos more.

With varied opinions and other information, I usually splurge the driver with an additional P20 more to their delight.

I asked one happy cabbie about the current rice crisis (so they say). His answer-

"Wala naman talagang rice crisis na yan. Pumipila lang ang mga tao sa NFA rice kasi yun lang ang mura. Dami namang bigas dyan sa mga malls ah. Kaso lang di namin kaya ang presyo. Gumawa lang ng isyu yang GMA na yan para mawala ang GTZ scandal nila. Sadyang pinataas ang presyo para maiba ang tinutukan ng masa. O tingnan mo, wala na sa headlines ang crisis na yan. Ginawa lang tayong mga uto-uto."

I just smiled. We don't buy rice in the market. We have our own supply.

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