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12 May 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays... Again

Mondays always bring me the blues, especially when lotsa work are left unfinished. But not when there is rain. Like a frog (as I insisted on my blogs about rainy days) I love to go hippity hop around town. The rain always gives me a renewed spirit and makes me see things awashed in its new glory.

My encounters today-

  • Two bubbly kids hitching a ride on my jeep towards downtown Cebu makes me laugh. To compensate a free ride, they act as barkers for the jeep, sometimes jumbling the route of the jeep. My fellow passengers are also entertained by their stories of notoriety by people they know. Such lovely kids.
  • Two women waiting for the traffic lights to go green are all smiles because the wind turned their umbrellas awry and their skirts askew. They don't know which one is a priority, the skirt or the umbrella. And they just make a hearty smile about the dilemma.
  • A habal-habal driver offering me a ride so I won't get wet- for free. No, thanks Mr Driver, I am just doing fine getting wet.
  • A text message asking me for a quickie to make the day hot. Damn! Of all times! Just when I am on a business errand, they ask for quickies. But when I am alone and lonely nobody cares. Well I am not horny so thank you.
  • A hot coffee offered at the printing press, err I ask for it hehehe.
Who says rainy days and Mondays make you down? Only Karen Carpenter and she's dead, God bless her soul.

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