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02 September 2008

Dapat Ganito Din Ginawa Nung Nag-Post Ng Kalokohan

Scenario: An unknown seer in Latin America sees violent happenings that will cause pain to the world and can only be prevented if we pray to his God.

Scenario: We read that "prophecy" and we shudder at the thought of it. We spread the prophesy because we "believe" that "prophet".

Scenario: IT WAS A HOAX!

Scenario: We rattled nerves. People panicked and "prayed" to his God. But what have we got?


It's a different matter when we talk of intelligence in the works. Should prophesies like that deserve posting in a public networking sites like

Does being religious excuses us to do stupid acts because our blind faith decides we want others to obey our God?

Should we post something we consider "relevant" (but without basis)?

Remember the postings on a big earthquake to hit the Philippines sometime this year? Those people should be jailed, just like what they did in the story (this is different story, though) that follows:

Chinese hacker jailed for false quake alert--report

BEIJING -- A university student in China has been jailed for 18 months for hacking into a government website and posting a fake earthquake alert, state media reported.

The computer science student, surnamed Jia, was convicted by a court in northern China's Shaanxi province last week for deliberately spreading false information, the Xian Evening News said.

Jia hacked into the Shaanxi Provincial Seismic Bureau's website on May 29 and posted a warning that a strong earthquake would hit the province that night, according to the weekend report.

His report immediately caused panic as people were still nervous following the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked China's southwest on May 12 and left nearly 88,000 people dead or missing.

Most of those victims were in Sichuan province, but there were some deaths in neighboring Shaanxi.

Jia's posting had 767 clicks within 10 minutes after its release and the seismic bureau received constant call-in inquiries, the report said.

It added he posted the false alert as a joke and deleted it after realizing the severity of the matter.

Aftershocks and earthquakes have been frequent in China since the May tremor.

On Saturday, a 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit the southwest again and killed at least 32 people.

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