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05 September 2008

Of Soups and Rain,The Boholano Connection

I am not a Bol-anon! That's what people say to me knowing I am not really fond of soups of any kind. It is like Bohol is equated with soup. I don't know why. But unlike most of Boholanos who would make their rice swim in its different concoctions, I rather have mine dry.

I remember my mother who would make spring chicken (translated as manok Bisaya) soup and would tell us to have as much, so it would rain. I don't know what was the connection. When you were young you would not question the wisdom of the old folks. Or else. There was no child abuse law during my time.

They also had a hard time forcing me to eat soup when I have fever or when I am sick. I don't like soup. Period.

But I don't know what happened to me last night. My friend brought me to Chicken Company and all I ordered was chicken soup. It was not the best of soups. It was rather bland for my taste and too commercial with only two bits and pieces of chicken and some very small pieces of vegetables. But I devoured the whole bowl.

I woke up early this morning because it was raining hard.

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