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06 September 2008

A Night at the Aviary

My body hurt all over. My back is painful. The prize of getting old. Damn!

I asked a friend where I could have a decent massage. I don't want to be in Thewi Thai because during my last massage there, the masseuse was actually snoring while doing the massage on me.

My friend suggested Aviary. What a funny name for a massage center. I don't want to expect birds there. When in fact there are birds there, he told me. I was amused. Whatever bird that was, I wanted massage so I could sleep soundly.

The incharge at the reception was called Peacock. I could not help but laugh because the lady looks like a peacock too. She was calling everyone asking who was free. She mentioned a certain Vulture and a Pelican.

I was actually praying that my masseur would not be Vulture. Just by the name, I could imagine what would happen to me in the room.

Someone called me to proceed to room 2. I went in. The linens looked used. I have 
to smell it to tell the difference. There was even a hole/rip on the linens! Graciousness. I don't know what to do. I was used to at Thewi Thai, Banyan Tree and Grand Royal, when all there linens smelled good and looked clean. But at Aviary, I could not be certain. Even the place did not smell good.

I asked the massuer where were the shorts. He asked me back if I wanted shorts. I stripped in the nude and used the curtain material at the massage bed as cover. It was taken from me to cover my entire body when he told me we would start the massage. I was uncomfortable.

But later, the masseur put me in a comatose situation. He was actually good. I almost fell
 asleep if not of his hard massage. It was a new experience for me.

Feeling revived and soothed, I gave him a generous tip. And then I asked him who he was. I'm Vulture Sir, came the answer. Boy, I was more than glad I did not came out dead or else I could imagine what a vulture would be doing to me.

One more observation- there seem to be NO ladies at the massage clinic. As we were about to end the session, a horde of screaming fags came and did not even mind talking in a hush hush despite the warning signages. They were talking about whose going to be their masseur of choice.

Now this made me wonder...

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