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18 September 2008


Who could tell that Dumaguete can make a very tasty health food called Chewy Fruit Bar? This looks nice but even tastes better!

I took the pics for the International Food Exhibitions when they participated in that show.


Miki said...

hoy! magdala ka nyan sa oct 4!

caryn said...

cool! are there any other pinoy-made health bars available?

Edik said...

sorry caryn this is new to the market. i think they will export it to japan. yet i still don't know what's the product name. what i'm sure of is their company name- orient foods industries corporation. their product lines include dried fruits and the chewy fruit bars in various sizes.

if you are interested, contact them at their email ads:;

Edik said...

sorry papaMike, wala silang pinadala sa akin kahit nabanggit nila na padalhan ako huhuhu.