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18 September 2008

A Very Good Night at Garden Cafe

I came to visit friends in Tagbilaran this week and they brought me to this nice place called Garden Cafe. The place has improved so much that even if I came to Tagbilaran once in a while, the place looked new to me.

Aside from the fact that it is run by deaf mutes (only the cashiers can talk), the cafe is actually very orderly and better than other restos in Tagbilaran. For one, the place is generally clean. The ambience is very good! The cowboy-themed resto lived up to its name. You can see different items from Montana, USA in their Montana room. The music is country and you could not resist the cowboy fare in their menu. Overall rating for this resto is 100%.

I wonder why the cafe of the Bohol Bee Farm could not imitate this resto. I mean, they have different themes but at The Buzzz (after the bees) at the Island City Mall, the ambience is very different from what they adhere. The Buzzz Cafe brags about organic food and yet the place does not came near to organic. Their music is even worst, playing the local radio station where a gay anchor blabbers the names of Tagbilaran residents. It is irritatingly irritating when you are eating garden salad.


Anonymous said...

Hey u edik korek ka dyan ! garden cafe is my place too... peaceful and the

Bohol Bee farm ??? The Buzzz ???? Hahahahaha. Neo imperlialsm through tourism.

I dont care how much i pay at garden cafe at any rate i know where my peso goes...

The choice is yours anyway but if you care for Bohol....then see to it that your money be spent for Boholanos.

Amping Dek...

Edik said...

thanks for the comment.

nice word- NEO IMPERIALISM THROUGH TOURISM. isn't that what bohol (provincial government) is pushing?