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12 September 2008

My Ego is Bruised

A friend of mine visited me at home to see how am I doing. The first thing he said was Bati man ni imo lugar uy (I don't like your place).

I was dumbfounded. My ego touched.

So I asked him why my place is not good for him. He told me it was away from the road, so silent, and so many trees.

I wonder what the hell he was talking about. In this crazy world where everything is so fast moving and fast changing, almost everyone wanted peace and joy in some silent world we can call our own, away from the hustle and bustle of modernity.

Where you from again?

Siquijor, he told me.

No wonder.


Nita said...

Hahaha, taga Siquijor diay. Ako gusto sab ko quite nga place, like away sa city, noise, etc. Peaceful, pareha sa Batuan...hehehe

Edik said...

kahibaw naka sa taga-siquijor nitz naanad ug mingaw so maghinam-hinam sa syudad. kita nga naanad sa batuan, mangita pod ta ug pareho sa batuan. di ba?