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06 June 2009

A Case of Stupidity of the Boholanos

When it comes to the Hayden Kho video scandal, the Boholanos made it known that they were against him and declared him persona non grata. Hayden Kho is not from Bohol and I think has never been to Bohol. The Boholanos learned through the gossip vines that Kho is planning to cool off in Bohol. They made it perfectly big by no less than the Bohol legislators making a resolution about it.

BUT now that Bohol has a CONFIRMED INFLUENZA A (H1N1) victim, they let the pregnant woman go! Bohol's first confirmed flu A(H1N1) case is misplaced, so to say.

According to news reports, she was confined at the Borja Community Hospital (BCH) in Tagbilaran City but was discharged even before test results from the DoH central office were released. And to make matters worst, they blamed RITM for the late release of results.

Due to numerous samples being tested by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Muntinlupa City, the results were not released immediately. On her third day of confinement, the woman asked to leave the BCH as she had recovered from the flu. (Inquirer reports)

Plain stupidity. And I am sure they are now passing the buck.

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