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08 June 2009


I went home early because I was not feeling well. Incessant cough and colds have been bothering me for a week now. Actually they attacked me in a day and will be gone tomorrow. Add fever anytime and I am sure I have the H1N1. Damn!

I took the jeep home and planning to drop by Robinson's to have my dinner. A rare treat to a sick mind and body. Nearing the jeepney stop at Robinson's I told the driver I would be going down. Naay manaug? (Somebody going down?) I almost shouted, Naa! (I am going down! as if telling him I am going to die now) when infact I already announced it before by telling him and knocking on the roof of the jeepney.

Ay milapas na ta nya naay CITOM (We already went through the stop sign and there is the traffic enforcer).

I took a deep breath.

But suddenly, in a middle of a busy Fuente-OsmeƱa Circle, he stopped, announcing- Pwede na pagdali lang labon way CITOM (You can go down now and make it fast while there is no traffic enforcer.)


Nabuang ka manong? Ganina wa ko nimo gihunong sa jeepney stop unya karon nia tas tunga sa kalsada imo ko panaogon? (Are you crazy manong? You didn't stop at the jeepney stand and now you are letting me down in the middle of the street?)

I was really furious! Suddenly got a massive headache.

This driver wanted to bring me down- down as in dead. Crazy!


kg said...

dito sa manila, ang mga jeeps, they load ANYWHWERE! pero pag bababa ka na sasabihin, "miss bawal dito eh. doon na lang sa unahan."

Edik said...

hahaha talaga naman ang pinoy Grace. ewan.