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15 June 2009

Robbery Section

I have premonition.

Before coming to Samar for a shooting project, I requested my friend Rex to go to my house and stay there while I was away. I constantly informed him that he should keep all doors locked because of the frequency of robbing incidents happening in the compound. Even the former tenants of my place were robbed at broad daylight, when they were at work, divesting them of jewelries and other valuables.

Despite of the fact that I don’t have valuables or properties notable for a raid, I made sure it would not happen to me. Invasion to a property is like invasion to your person. Que horror!

But like a prophet that I have become, my friend called me up, terribly distressed, because what I feared happened to my place just when he was about to enter. I didn’t know what to do and how to react. I could not cry. I could not laugh. I was empty.

You see, the robber/s got my computer flat screen LCD monitor and my Fossil watches and my useless pairs of abandoned earrings. Of all things. ONLY because I have North Face shoes and some studio lights at home. They even had the tenacity to leave 3,000 pesos out of my 5,000.

Rex called up my neighbors to help him out. He did not know what to do. They called up the owner of the compound, Atty Macario Lim, so his people could secure my place once more. But they could not come, much more show moral support.

I was furious and felt so helpless. I was several miles away and could not see what was happening. I thought apartment owners have the moral obligation to comfort their tenants especially at times like robbery. But they could not even care less and would not even care if you die. Just pay the rent. These money chasers are more like robbers.

Rex and my neighbors went to the Capitol Site barangay hall to report the said incident but they too, were not extra helpful. The people there told my entourage to come back the next day because the blotter section people were already home at 7pm. It was a bad timing. Yet they told Rex and company they have assigned people manning the blotter section until 9pm but they went home early this time. Assholes! They have the audacity to tell their inefficiency.

I could not understand.

I was away from my home and someone took the opportunity of robbing my place and yet these people which were supposed to assist me because they have the moral and legal obligation to do so, could not even come and at least see what was taken.

My photo shoot was affected.

(I am now back in Cebu and using an internet cafe to access my blogs. I don't have the will to take inventory of what really was taken in my place. I feel tired.

My thanks to Rex and my neighbors Mark, Neil and Franz for their encouraging words and for helping Rex.)


Marc said...

Hala migo! unsa pa nawala? maayo gani wala dalha imo machine, pero mahal man gihapon to ang LCD uy! plus fossil pa...papaliton na gyud cguro ka ug bag-o nga internet cafe. para dili mahakot sa kawatan kay daghan naman, hehehe.

ayo-ayo migo, ang pag-asa ng bayan, ipadlock pud, unsaon nalang kung makawat, hehe

The Beancounter said...

this is just plain disgusting... when this happened to me (thank God it was only my car that was broken into - parked on the street outside my apartment) it felt like they've taken more than just the "stolen stuff"...i was paranoid for months! Always worried it could happen again...i felt so violated! Couldn't wait to move out...

Enough of me... i hope you've recovered...

PS. the police were vitually useless!