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30 June 2009

Good Morning

I struggle to get out of bed. For the nth time, I will say I am not a morning person, but my body clock is out of control. I would wake up early mornings now which I attribute to my nagging headaches during the day.

Since lying in bed with your body fully awake is not fruitful, I start the day by eating some fruits and drink lots of coffee. Coffee has a reverse effect on me. But still it won't hold until late afternoons.

This morning I tried to go out and drink my coffee outside and watch the sun come out. My place is not facing east so all I see is the lightening of the mountains beyond. The morning here in this part of Cebu is so silent. As if you are transported to some rural area. The birds as usual are cheerful.

I can see a woman washing clothes in the river down below. I laughed at myself. This river was nonexistent a few weeks back. Now that the rains of June are constant, the water trickles down again. Amazing. With all the garbage washed away due to the downpours, the water seems clean and this woman is washing her clothes in them.

I was jolted by a shout of ISDA! at my back. I thought this fish vendor was just part of my dreams. Early morning dreams. But he is here. Palit ka isda sir? Would you buy fish sir, he asked. I just smiled. He might think I am one of those crazies. I am sure this is the first time he saw me.

I went back in and grab another fruit and munch on them while waiting for my coffee to percolate.

When the coffee is ready, I took a cup and stayed outside awhile. Watching people. Watching the sky. The sky is so blue. And the sun crawls itself towards broad daylight. My nagging headache is gone. I ask myself if waking up early is really this exhilarating. Maybe mornings is a great alternative. Maybe I should wake up early from now on.

And then all of a sudden stormy clouds appear. Maybe I should wait for the rain too.

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