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09 June 2009

La Mala Educacion- Miseducation of the Filipinos

(Yeah, I know that the title is wrong so you will get my point in the following blog.)

I admit I am not a good English writer and speaker. Maybe this is due to the fact that my teachers and parents are not good too. That was thirty years ago.

Now that we claim we have come to the hitech era and a generation of call center agents and we claim all our teachers have masteral or doctorate degrees, it is a sad fact that they, to be specific, writers of our textbooks, have gone overboard by teaching them young the wrong grammar they probably inherited from their institutions.

Teaching the wrong English in schools, I mean the wrong grammar and all, hurts more than anything else- because you are paying just to learn them.

Director Socorro Pilor of the DepEd-Instructional Materials Council Secretariat said in June 2008 that "21,285,425 English textbooks for Grades 1 to 6 were purchased by the DepEd for school year 2008-2009 for the amount of P666,677,231.00."

The government paid P383 million for the six books of Book Wise.

Wow! We are paying this much to become ignorant!

More of the horrendous mistakes noted by Antonio Go, a crusader who pointed out the errors in the textbooks used in our schools, can be read here and this link.

Meanwhile, The rain and storm are needed to snuff out the heat in the air. Enjoy the frolicking sun with the refreshing air around! Good weather is here to perk up the mind. Isn't that profound?

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Clark Can't said...

That should be a no-brainer: this country is headed for the shits! ahahaha!

Anonymous said...

kakatuwa to. imagine taga DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION pa naman ang nag approve? are we going to the pigs?