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17 June 2009

Crazy, Just Plain Crazy

Whoever is spreading the email that says Coke/Coca-Cola can be used as a cleaner for toilet bowls must be crazy. I tried it. It didn't clean like Muriatic acid or Zonrox. Plus my bowl invited other pests like ants. Damn!

Goes to show I am that bored because I could no longer get online every time I wanted to because my computer was taken by robbers while I was away.


I was not able to get a good sleep last night. I don't know why. I totally re-organized my place due to the incident and my bed seemed a strange bed. Even my place was strange.

I slept past midnight with the help of Tash Aw and his book entitled The Harmony Silk Factory. I woke up at 2am for no reason at all. And 3. And 4. Finally when I was able to sleep, it was time for me to wake up. Fluffy-eyed, I dragged myself out of bed.

Before going to the printing press, I re-arranged my place again. And I surveyed the whole place to see if everything was in its place. Made sure I locked all doors.


A Tang poem from Li Po:

Moonlight shines brightly before my bed,
like a hoarfrost on the floor.
I lift my head and gaze at the moon,
I drop my head and dream of home.


Sweating profusely from a long walk to OceanJet to buy tickets for Tagbilaran, I was told to come back because I arrived way beyond their cut-off time. I was 5 minutes late. And going back means another long walk. They wanted me to exercise, I think.


Using the internet cafe is costly indeed.


I need a cold beer.


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