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24 March 2010


kg said...

uy, is this true?

Edik said...

yes mam this is very true. you can check it at,,

Years in Congress: 9
Senate chairs: 2
Bills filed: 0
Laws passed: 0
Congress chairs: 0
Bills filed: 8 (including a Tarlac City Day (2005).
Passed: 0
Deputy Speaker for Luzon

Years in Congress: 9
Assistant Majority Leader – 11th Congress chairs: n/a
Bills filed: n/a
Passed: 12

Years in Congress: 9
Years in Senate: 9
Senate chairs: 3
Senate President
Bills filed: 737 (2nd to Miriam)
Laws passed: 10 (2nd to none)
204 alone on the first day of office
Congress speaker
Congress: top filer

Senate: 5 yrs
Senate chairs: 3
Bills files: 228
Laws passed: 2 (or 8?)

Pinoyborian said...

This is yesterday's news.

"The black propaganda describes Noynoy as a legislator who has not authored a single law; that a couple of dimwits in the Senate even fare better than Noynoy in terms of legislative record.
Judging how good a legislator is by the number of laws he authored is a fallacy. By itself, the number of laws sponsored by a senator or congressman does not make one a competent legislator. So many bad laws have been passed—laws that protect vested interests; laws that perpetuate injustice; laws that harm employment; laws that drain the public coffers; laws with good intentions but with adverse consequences; laws that are superfluous; and so on." - F Sta Ana III, Action for Economic Reforms.

You can

Edik said...

if you are a legislator and you cannot pass a single law, what makes you a legislator?

Pinoyborian said...

You still insist on your half-truth? Wow. May I invite you to visit and be educated. I don't expect you to but be fair in your criticism. Bills filed = 0 and laws passed = 0. Are you telling the truth?