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13 March 2010

Pacquiao and politics

I may be the only Filipino who is not going to watch Pacquiao's fight for the second time. Pacquiao has lost his appeal for me since the questionable and quite controversial deals he has done with Philippine television years back.

And every time Manny's politico-side is being fired up, he has to go training or go to some publicity stunts for another fight. Which gives me an idea that Pacquiao should only concentrate on getting rich through boxing and not trying hard to "help" people as an excuse in joining politics. (Pacquiao will run as a congressman in Sarangani province this May 2010.)

He may win against all boxers of any kind and race and standing, but in politics, he has no grassroot connections. Read- he does not feel with the people in his district. So I predict a loss in Sarangani, the place he suddenly adopts as his own because he could not face his opponents in his hometown of General Santos City.



kg said...

ako din edik, hindi manonood. i con't really watch his matches. not that i don't like him i'm just not a fan of boxing. :)

Nita said...

Mao sab bitaw ko nawad-an ko gana. Maayo pa mag concentrate nalang sya sa boxing.

Anyway, I heard na disqualified sya didto sa Saranggani.