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01 March 2010

Earthquakes and Corruption

Recent events around the world made me wonder- Are we next?- since it seems that the earthquake is getting nearer and stronger. A force to reckon with.

I don't want us to become one of them. Of course.

I hate to compare between two recent calamities like the Chile and Haiti earthquakes. Haiti seems to be the most affected when their earthquake version was weaker as compared to Chile's 8.8. Haiti's government was nowhere seen during those first critical moments, when people need assurance and morale boosts.

In Chile, their past president and president-elect automatically went live on different media a few minutes after the tremor, urging people to stay calm. Their government told the world that they are ready for calamities like this earthquake since they have not forgotten what they experienced from previous calamities. Several heavy equipment and rescue groups were actually already doing their job as the presidents went live. That's what people need- assurance.

Why I am afraid when such calamity would strike us? (Knocks on wood with matching pwe pwe pwe!)

One word- corruption.

Corruption, as confirmed by studies during the Haiti incident, was the main curse among Haitians. Because of corruption, buildings and major infrastructure support were wasted, burying people down with them.  Links: Industry, Shoddy Construction Likely Contributed to Haiti Quake Destruction; Why Haiti's quake toll higher than Chile's

Now I am very afraid of the Philippines.

Pic from CNN- AFP/Getty Images

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