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15 March 2010

La Tuna Matata

I rarely wake up early. In fact, 4am is almost always the time for me to go to bed. The only time I did woke up the earliest, as in 3 in the morning, was when I observed the Ramadan last September.

Now, excited for a project, I woke up at 5am and food was already in my mind. I had the time for shopping at Rustan's last night and bought a pack of luscious tomatoes, the big ones, some chili powder and cheese spread. I also have some tuna stored in my cupboard.

With hair-rising classical music as background, I did my situps and pushups and thinking of what to bring for lunch. Tuna is an obvious, as if I have another, choice. I suddenly have the desire to be healthy in preparation for the summer.

Ahhh summer. That time when you show what you’ve got. :p

And as Maria Callas crooned La Mamma Morta, a song about love and death, my new sandwich was born. I called it La Tuna Matata (coined from Hakuna Matata meaning No problem).

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