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03 March 2010

Lies people fabricate just to win the 2010 Philippine Elections

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” ~Adolf Hitler

You might have received an email claiming to be written by Winnie Monsod telling us why she is voting for Noynoy Aquino. It was a lie. Perhaps written by a staff or a desperate follower wishing she was the notable writer Monsod, the article Why I Will Vote for Noynoy - Winnie Monsod might have some truths in it but the fact that Monsod disowned it makes it A BIG LIE.

The real Monsod wrote in her column at, Get Real-
To whom it may concern: I am not the author of an e-mail going around titled “Why I will vote for Noynoy—Winnie Monsod.” To the real author/s: Hiding behind others is cowardly. Stand up and be counted. To everybody else: Any statement attributed to me can be very simply checked by referring to this column, or my column in BusinessWorld [Calling A Spade], or a blog under my name in GMA News.TV. Link: Get Real
Another lie being emailed to us is the supposed Mansion of Manny Villar in Salt Lake City. Those photographs actually are from a mansion in a "tony Bel Air section of Los Angeles that has been extensively photographed inside and out because it is sometimes used as the site of location shooting for television programs and movies."  Link: Snopes Mugabe/Villar Mansion

Why make a big deal out of them? Because like what Hitler told us- if a lie is repeated over and over, people will believe it.

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