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02 April 2010

Fried rice with a twist

I am supposed to go on fasting today but there is an extra pot of red rice in my kitchen I have not eaten last night. So I made myself just another meal- fried rice.

For this I am using cloves of garlic, tomatoes, a can of tuna in brine, chili powder, a little vegetable oil, cheddar spread and of course the leftover rice. You can add a pinch of salt, but I did not since the tuna is already salty.

I put in the garlic on a hot oil, make them toasty and then the tomatoes and tuna. I add in the rice and also let them soak up the oil so they will pop and a little crusty. The cheddar spread joined with them after 5 minutes and then the chili powder.

This is what I call “experimental rice.”

Have a blessed Good Friday everyone.

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