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14 April 2010

Why "surveys" could not be relied upon (also known as- SWS is not reliable after all)

SWS-Manila is doing surveys in Dumanjug, Cebu and a G1BOlunteer was “surveyed". The survey question was (in Cebuano), "If elections were held today, who will you vote for, Noynoy or Villar?"

The G1BOlunteer retorted (in Cebuano), "What happened to the other candidates, they are all 9, right?" The SWS-Survey Conductor answered (verbatim): "Wala na 'yun, dalawa na lang pinagpipilian ngayon!" (There are only two choices now.)

Is this an admission that the Social Weather Stations is not really that reliable? Their claim that they are "a private, independent, non-partisan, non-profit, scientific institute in the Philippines which conducts social surveys and does survey-based social science research and other educational activities, using professional standards, for the main purpose of promoting the broad Quality of Life of the greater number of the Filipino people in the context of a free democratic society" was proven otherwise because of this incident. Sayang ang institution na ito.

Please share this and react at for all supporters of the other 7 that are not being included by SWS!

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kg said...

i agree with you edik. of course, those with no intention to vote for either of the two will be compelled to choose between the two! pano na lang yung boboto sa iba?

i've never really believed in these surveys, sa totoo lang. how can the opinions of 2,000 people reflect the opinions of millions of people? these surveys might be able to show the trend, but with great accuracy? i doubt.