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29 April 2010

Gibo protected

I could sense these people were here just for Gibo Teodoro, the future president of the republic. The crowd is mostly young. Students. Yuppies. Although the baby boomers are also here but the younger generation made their presence felt. They sing. They chant Gibo’s name. Despite the fact that local politicians mingle among the crowd, only a few acknowledge them.

I am actually thrilled and beaming with pride that the youth group is now involved with the cause they believed in. Gone are the passive young age brackets who only think of going out, spend someone else’s money and get drunk.

Which made me compare.

I was stuck in Jones Avenue the other night because Erap’s supporters had a torch parade. The only difference was they were bringing a lot of children, the non-voting population. It was a rowdy crowd with no direction. They were scattered along Jones like they only wanted to end the march without minding that they were making islands of their own, totally separate from the group, so the traffic.

But here, despite the electricity caused by the crowd’s enthusiasm, the whole place is in order. No pushing and shoving, no stepping on someone. Just a sea of green shirts and raised hands with green ballers.

Gibo! Gibo! Gibo!

When Gibo Teodoro came out from a briefing, there was a beautiful pandemonium. An orderly chaos of supporters rushing in, taking pictures, shaking hands, chanting his name. No one yelp an ouch or two. Everyone is joyous and you could see though them the joy they emanate.

It was time for Gibo to speak. Thunder claps. I myself am drawn to the stage.

As Gibo started airing his impatience on the personal attacks from his adversaries, the skies pour down. I told myself maybe nature does not want Gibo to be one of those candidates who have no clear platform of government so they spend their campaign just attacking other candidates. The rain came to remind him that he is the only presidential candidate who employs positive campaign.

And then a boy goes up the stage and covered Gibo with an umbrella while he is still speaking. What a dramatic scene. No one plans it. The rain is not even fake. My only wish for this moment is a camera to capture a very rare instance. I was only bringing my mobile phone and is several meters away from the open stage.

Why that child? Why not Annabel Rama who is a staunch Gibo supporter? Why not Gwen Garcia who declared she is only for Gibo? Why not one of the Gibo volunteers who are very active with our support for him?

I could only think of a word- Care. Because the youth sees how our country has suffered from the moral and natural calamities that devastated our Philippines. The young still hopes for redemption of sorts for this country. The young needs someone to rekindle our passion and lend a hand and make this country better again. The man who said- Sulong Pilipinas! And this child wanted to protect him. To take care of this man whom we believe is our rescuer.

Gibo and the child. Hope.

We were drench after and everyone is happy about it. A good cleansing from the dirty politics everyone is using.

Gibo and we supporters, now clean, are ready to face the elections and prove to them that surveys are part of the oppressive strategies traditional politicians implore to aid their nonsense if not forced candidacy.

Sulong Gibo!

First and last photos from Green Team Cebu


kg said...

sana manalo si gibo...

mimcee said...

Thank you for this post. I am deeply moved. Thank you once again. Gibo will always be my President too. More power, and keep blogging!