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03 April 2010

Friendships and bullshits

Today is Black Saturday.

The day I cut off my links with some special friends at Facebook because of a mistake I commit. That mistake of knowing them personally.

We were having a small reunion recently when one of them posted our pictures in his albums at Facebook. Elated and overjoyed with the memories we shared just a few days ago, I tagged them and myself in the pictures despite the fact that we have our own copies.

I don’t see the problem with that.

But a mutual friend (outside of the circle) who seemed too concerned with identities pointed out that I am tagging my friends and they may not like it. Still I am blind with identities. You see, we have been together for five years now and knowing their real identities would not pose a problem since I am not alone on that field. My friends know them by nick. They went out with some of them. And the pics I tagged was birthday party for Christ's sake!

But today I received messages from my friends through my mobile asking me to un-tag them. They were furious. Why did I do that, they bombarded me. They have families to protect.

I am furious too. And shocked. They have been in my friends list for quiet a time and they have been posting our pictures as a group and yet there were no questions of identity. We have common friends, some of them we abhor, but posting pictures was not a problem. Not until now when I tagged them.

They have families to protect, they repeat. Their identities. They need privacy.

That made me cringed. That families-thing. I, the culprit, looked like I suddenly become an orphan with no roots of my own and living alone and unknown in this part of the city. I am devastated. And angry.

I looked outside and thanked the rain. This is a sign. Maybe I need to nurture friendships that truly care. Those friendships where you are allowed to be free and be what you are and not hide in a cloak full of restraint like you were doing something bad instead. Just like the rain that started to water the parched surroundings of Cebu. Nurturing.

Life is a drama and this my moment.

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kg said...

anyone who wants that kind of privacy shouldn't have a facebook account. period.

happy easter edik!