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04 July 2010

Dear Mr President

I know some of you will bash Gibo instead upon reading this short blog for reasons I really do not know. Yes it is time to move on. But first let me share you this letter to President Noynoy Aquino beautifully written by Oya Arriola, a British embassy employee:

Dear Mr President:
Knowing your comfort zone is well and good. Having the courage to step out of it to do what must be done is what fulfills destinies.
I don't really care about how you decide which barong to wear on your proclamation. I need to know that you have vision beyond the 30th of June.
Whether you keep smoking or quit the habit is none of my concern. Whether you have the political will to deliver your promised reforms is.
I am not interested in whether you're getting married within the next six years. I want to see that you can build working coalitions to govern effectively.
It doesn't matter to me that you choose long-time buddies to be part of your Cabinet because you feel at ease with them. I'd like to know that you choose your team because you know they can deliver.
It's all the same to me if you choose to live in Malacanang or Times Street. Where your heart lies and whose interests you protect will spell the difference to me.

Well said. Enough of trivialities.

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