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06 July 2010

I am OC

I know if people would mess my things, especially at home. I can't help but rearrange things that are askew when I see them. Even if they are not mine. I wipe tables in restaurants when they are wet or something messy is splashed on them.

Lately, upon my transfer to another apartment to save rental costs, I could not help but notice that the bathroom is, hmmm, quite messy, to say the least. Of all the places in a home, it is the bathroom we called CR that I got my impression on the household.

After five days of tiptoeing around the CR, I could no longer contain my irritation. If I would not clean them, nobody would. Or that was the cleanest my housemates could get.

Armed with muriatic acid, strong cleaning powder and two brushes, I attacked the CR for almost an hour, scrubbing the walls and floors and toilet bowl until they were shining white. Even if the fumes literally suffocated me right there inside. I gasp for air once in a while.

My prize? Really painful blistered hands that I had a hard time navigating the mouse of my computer.

Whew! So much for OC-ness.


k said...

ay, grabe ang nangyari sa kamay mo! i know it's a girly thing, but you might want to use gloves next time. :)

at least you've got a clean cr na! :)

kg said...

ako yun edik ha! pressed the "publish your comment" button to early. :)

Edik said...

hahaha thanks Grace. you are the only avid follower of mine.

Use gloves, I will next time hehehe.