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05 July 2010

Jollibee's 39ers is a disappointment

I rushed to Jollibee this afternoon because I haven't had my breakfast and lunch yet. So many things to do yet so little time. When you are in a rush you tend to choose fastfoods which would give you its type of service- fast.

I was intrigued actually at Jollibee's 39ers because of its price. Lunch (or food, specifically, since they serve them anytime of the day) for only 39 pesos is quite a competitive price knowing how things have soared. And beef at 39 only?

But when I finally got my share of beef mushroom, I was quite disappointed. (The picture above is much more tempting than the one I have, even more generous.) I could not tell what kind of flavor they wanted to project. Of course it was not boeuf bourguignon but it was not beef adobo either. The beef was rubbery and bland, the dwarf mushrooms were salty. That was the only interesting thing to happen when I chew on them. Bland and salty and rubbery.

But what would you expect of 39 pesos nowadays?

Picture grabbed from who claims her Jollibee beef mushroom was good.

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Sreisaat said...

Basin lahi ang timplada kada branch, Ser? hihihi