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02 July 2010

Second round

I was wondering where would our meeting be since they called the place STK near Capitol area in Cebu. When we got there, to my amazement, it was Paolito's Seafood House (link: my previous blog about this place ) they were talking about. And I was so glad I was able to come to that place again.

I wonder this so small a place could be deceiving. The area near the foyer was quite full and there were twelve of us. We were shown to the back area. Before finding our table, we passed by two more rooms already full of diners. I called our room the Music Room because most of the decorations there were vintage musical instruments.

I was again amazed at how the twelve of us, full to the brim, as in very full, was able to pay only just around 3,000 pesos rounded off. It was actually 2,600+.

As usual no leftovers could be seen.

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