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21 October 2010

Fatherly duties

The last time I did some fatherly duties was 15 years ago with the birth of Mark Louie. We panicked at that time because his mother, Mercy, suddenly announced she was going to have the baby right there that time.

Fifteen years ago, transportation in Tagbilaran was so slow and sometimes nonexistent so that expecting mothers chose to give birth in their homes with the presence of a trained local hilot (midwife). When Mercy announced she was giving birth to a baby, transportation and midwives were not contacted so we took the roles. Blood and all.

This week I was again rendering a substitute husband to Gilda because Lemuel, her real husband, is working abroad trying to make both ends meet. Only this time, Gilda was admitted to a hospital in Cebu full of sophistication and all. All I did was wait and do some few errands for them.

Baby Gillian Summer came on Monday, October 18th at 2:22 in the morning with us lounging in the waiting area and nodding our sleep off.

A healthy baby for Gilda and Lemuel! Congratulations to you both.


kg said...

another miracle of life!

Edik said...

yes Grace. this baby is a miracle indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gilda Ortega? this is her second baby? congrats to her.