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26 October 2010

My bad: drinking in public despite the liquor ban

I admit I have been bad without me noticing how bad I was.

Last October 25 at past one in the morning, I went to Doy's (Borja Street, Tagbilaran City, a few meters from Brewpoint; telephone 038.501.8724), and had my first bottle of Below Zero Red Horse in Bohol. I drunk all four bottles straight all in the honor of below zero beers in Tagbilaran. They were free, courtesy of Doy's owner.

Doy's is the best place to have videoke with friends in the comfort of their private rooms. I was so comfortable that I publicly challenged the law. Honest, this is not for the free beers I got from there.

On the eve of the Barangay Elections last Monday, I also raised a bottle of San Mig Light right infront of police officers at the Acacia de Bubu, the new place to have barbecue in Tagbilaran. They did not noticed and seemed not to care. Maybe because I am surrounded by beautiful ladies?

I only noticed my transgression with law when I finished all the beers.


 Kampai! Me raising a beer right infront of the police.
See those officers at the back? The girl infront is our picture-taker Chin-chin.
Another bottle for the elections!


kg said...

he he! bad si edik!!!

Anonymous said...


Isagani Sabado said...

waaaaa i miss the bbq, liempo and my room! i miss bohol!