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13 October 2010

Mision Cumplida: Viva Chile!

The rescue of 33 trapped miners in Chile has attracted millions of viewers since feeding it live on TV and in the internet. The Chilean government surprised the world by putting a camera inside the collapsed mine giving us a 3D vision of what is happening during the rescue. To say the least, the rescue itself is a showcase of Chilean power and grace, something to ogle about from bungled rescue operations done by other countries on things much simpler to do.

Aside from doctors, psychologists, and people who are needed for the rescue, President Sebastian PiƱera is very visible in the first attempts and greeted the miners brought up to the surface. Indeed, a very apt and proper way to give moral support not just to the miners trapped inside for two months but also to the whole Chilean nation. 

That's what public service is all about.

Pictures provided by the Government of Chile thru


kg said...

napanood ko yung first man to be rescued, live. it was so touching. i was in tears.

Edik said...

the last man out was also touching with everyone singing the Chilean national anthem. i got goosebumps even if i don't understand their words.