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07 October 2010

The way to energize yourself is simply by staying healthy and fit

"Why should people be afraid that we use a few small pellets of uranium at the nuclear power plant in Bataan? Don't they know that we're surrounded by uranium? We have the world's fourth largest deposits of uranium. Yes, we're all radioactive -- must be the reason why we have so many faith healers!" ~Imelda R. Marcos

Long before someone asked me to buy this Quantum Scalar blah-blah, I've read in one of the blogs of The Coconuter that this pyramiding scheme of Quantum Scalar Pendants (in his case, the Fusion Excel) is a fake, a scam. The Coconuter has a long standing case still ongoing between them because of his writeup.

These pendants promised a good life, never mind paying a hefty sum, but good life it is, they say. Imagine yourself being freed from stress and fatigue, or arthritis, diabetes, hair loss, or worst, low sexual drive. Think of any illness you can name and the scalar pendant promised it will relieve them because of their scientific breakthrough called quantum scalar energy.

Now I hate when people speak alien to me. It’s one way of deception. To confuse the enemy. Or the client. You will be forced to buy because you are impressed with the way they use unknown terms just like expert doctors. And majority of us are usually misled of sweet talks.

But here is a more effective way to get rid of illness, the natural way. No amount of fused energies, be it coming from stones or quack doctors, can ever question them-

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Let’s admit that these are the last things you have in mind when you think of food. They are the best source of vitamins and minerals that will aid us as we age.

Avoid junk foods. Yes, I love eating burgers and chips. And who is not? Being bombarded daily with their ads, our mind is set to buy them. I say, eat them once a while but not always. Need I say more?

Exercise, exercise, exercise! You don’t have to go to the gym to achieve that. You can walk instead of taking a jeep in going home. Or take the stairs instead of the elevators. Or clean your house. The clue there is to sweat the toxins out.

Drink lots of water. Our body is 80% water so it’s only understandable that we replenish them. But wait, have you checked your water source?

Relax and de-stress. When you have a sedentary job, watching TV is not relaxing. Go out and get some fresh air. If you have the budget, travel. Have a good massage.

Sleep or take naps. It’s not a hard thing to do. Our body needs rest. Recent studies even confirmed that sleeping reduces weight compared to those who have less.

Be religious but not a fanatic. When all of our friends turn their backs on us, we need someone or somebody to turn to even if that somebody could not be seen.


Rommel Bondoc said...

Be religious not fanatic indeed!

I like this kuakoy!

Edik said...

hahaha natawa ako sayo Nathan. i believe being a fanatic is no longer healthy for a person and even everybody. fanaticism makes you become paranoid and may cause mental and physical damage to a "religious" person.