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11 October 2010

Larsian is a big, ugly and dirty place in Cebu

I wonder why people still would like to eat at Larsian near Fuente-Osmeña Circle in Cebu when the place is now ugly and dirty. That place is not worth the visit anymore despite most out-of-towners would insist to.

Last night I went there due to an insistence of a friend. I told him the place is no longer as it was. He said he was hungry. Caught between friendship and foreboding, I chose the former.

When we got there, Larsian was so full of smoke you wonder if they were having a bad campfire or the place was on fire. The smoke was so full that it permeated right through my underwear. I ate teary-eyed.

At the back of each stall, haphazardly washed plates laid stacked with cockroaches running around. The water they used was recycled. By 'recycled' I mean it was used over and over so that by the time we were using our plates, the water had become murky already. There are no running water in that place.

Yes, we paid less than 150 pesos for a chicken pecho, 2 sticks of thin pork barbecue, 1 stick of burnt chorizo, 5 pieces of small puso and 2 bottles of 8oz. Sprite. But like I said, it was not worth it. 

A note of caution if you insists on going there: Be careful with the way they bill you. They always assumed you have eaten the 10 pieces puso they served and sometimes charge you for food you did not order. Ask for a list of what you've ordered.

A further note of caution: The last time I was there, I had a very bad case of diarrhea. 


kg said...

looks like a lot of smoke...not my kind of place.

Edik said...

if not for friends, i would not dare come to this place.

so all visiting guests of cebu, be cautioned. unless this place will clean up, i would not recommend my friends and acquaintances to go there.