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04 October 2010

RH Bill issues and excommunication

The big issue which made headlines nowadays is the possible excommunication of President Aquino if he signs the Reproductive Health Bill. A disgusting move by the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines to create fear in a dominantly Catholic population even if the Bill is still in its final draft. If they can excommunicate the president of the republic, they can also do it to the masses.

The Church has been telling its flock of blind followers that the RH Bill promotes abortion. Never a mention of such in the Bill although the Church considers the use of family planning methods other than the natural ones they promote as abortive.

They never told their flock that the Roman Catholic Church invested about 160,000 euros of Church money in American birth control pill maker Wyeth. The Church even invested in arms making and tobacco manufacturing. So much for morality.

Why is the Church blind to the woes of the common Filipinos is quite fascinating. The Philippines is 74th worlwide in population growth, a not-so pretty statistics to brag about. You can even see the proof everywhere right in your metropolis. Even the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral premises is inhabited with homeless families with children roaming the streets begging.

The RH Bill makes sure the poor among us gets priority attention. Because the poor lacks the knowledge on how to manage their families, RH Bill would hope to educate them. These people should know their rights as a mother, a wife and as citizens of the country. 

It is a sad fact that the inculcation of "Go to the world and multiply" is still being promoted by the Church, even if we can barely breath due to overpopulation. That's hypocrisy!

Question: Why can't the Roman Catholic Church excommunicate their priests who got young ladies pregnant because they were not using condoms? Or their pedophile priests who molest young boys, some of them serving as altar boys? The best they could do is re-assigned some abroad to avoid prosecution.

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