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14 December 2010

Bigby's: A pleasant surprise

If it was opened tonight, I would have another dinner at Spice Fusion in SM City Cebu, my fourth in a month's time and probably I would still be mumbling about their service. I am so glad they were closed for their Christmas party.

Actually, I was quite surprised because the girls (Glocel and Leslie) promised to close the restaurant and have it all to ourselves whenever they get their separation pay. I thought this was the night.

So the girls decided to go up the second floor and try Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. I would not have recommended Bigby's if I was asked, but the girls were already seated when I arrived. I was able to avail Bigby's lunch buffet sometime last year in Ayala Center Cebu but was not amazed with their food. They were all plain and very commercially done. Maybe because it was a buffet for only 250 pesos per pax.

But when our ordered food arrived I was quite impressed. The Boomerang Shrimp with garlic dip and pilaf rice was delicious to say the least. The shrimp was grilled just right, crisp to the bite and spicy from the Cajun style grilling. It goes well with the pilaf rice. Gilda and I ordered the same dish.

Boomerang Shrimp. Cajun-spiced grilled shrimp skewers with rice pilaf and garlic dip.*

Leslie ordered Chix Ahoy, a sizzling boneless chicken with garlic flavors. Looked yummy too but was already too full to try. I am planning to order it next time.

Chix Ahoy. It sizzles and its hot! This boneless chicken dish unravels a distinct garlicky flavor that will keep you coming back for more.*

Glocel has her Pasta Daviola and was tempted to taste it despite the Hungarian sausage. If not of those, I would love to devour the whole plate because of its spiciness.

Pasta Daviola. Hungarian sausage, shrimps and chili flavors this garlic-and-oil pasta dish.*

The Basket of Chips we ordered was almost untouched because it came with our meals even if we requested that it be served first. Anyway, the chips were interesting. Aside from the colors of yellow, orange and brown chips, a coat of salsa fresca made it more palatable.

Basket of Chips. A basket of nachos served with your choice of garlic dip or salsa fresca.*

We downed our food with green mango shakes and a can of Coke Zero.

I am still patting my stomach until now.

(*Description of all the dish pictured above was taken from Bigby's website.)

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