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28 December 2010

Little piggy's life story ends on Christmas

Honestly, I do not like lechon (roasted pig). 

Maybe because during our childhood we were so attached to our pigs we almost always cry when they were murdered for a celebration. Celebrations, by the way, were very rare happenings in a family that raised pigs to be sold to butchers in the market. Just like eclipses. We do not even count birthdays as rare events. A wedding or death in the family is sadly, a feast day for us children.  

To this day I have never been a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or a humane society member and have not eaten pork for quite a time now but I always have a soft heart for animals being killed even for food. Give me fried chicken but do not show me how the chicken is being killed.

But being a member of a pork-eating family, I could not help but witness my family slaughter or devour whole pigs in a day. This year's Christmas and perhaps the coming New Year would be one of those days.

As if to torture me and to make matters worst, I was tasked to get the lechon ordered from Magnolia's Lechon in Manga District of Tagbilaran City. 

And I cringed at this sight.

Several lechonable pigs were waiting for their turn-

at the slaughter table where after slashing their throats, they were immersed in a boiling vat of water to get rid of hairs.

When clean, slaughtered pigs were given a combination of salt, spices and secret ingredients inside their stomach and sealed for the roasters.

The pigs were roasted in a very hot grilling station.

When done, they were left out to cool down-

to be wrapped for eager customers to take out,

and consumed for the holidays.

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