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04 December 2010

Too old for these

Nah! I hate this, but somewhere I read a woman nagging about how do men of my age should wear this and that. Honestly, I do still wear what the younger generations wear. And that article got me to think.

Transformed tees. I used to cut the sleeves off my shirts not to brag my tats and skinny arms but because of the humidity of the Philippines. But Catherine Couretas is against them. They should be used only when you are painting the house or doing some other dirty jobs, she said. Those tees should be trashed, she added. Noooo! She suggested solid and simple t-shirts would give a nicer impression. Not bad, anyway.

Anything with holes in it. Yes, I still wear my t-shirts with holes in them because they are my faves. But Couretas said the plain ones are better and won't give a bad impression on you. So goes with jeans. Those tattered or distressed ones should be used sparingly and only in the house. Well-

Cheap and worn out sandals. Familiarity breeds contempt and I agree with this one. I rarely use worn out sandals. The market offers exciting choices of slippers and sandals and they are cheap. Why suffer public humiliation?

Obnoxious branded clothing. Well I have them too, but rarely wears them because of peer pressure. Most of my officemates and friends would say I don't wear no-brand shirts. The fact is, those shirts are gifts and I could not return them. Sayang. But still those shirts and other items with big brands larger than the item would look like you are bragging them.

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