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18 December 2010

MO2: The restobar that doesn't know what to do

There is a new restobar somewhere in the north reclamation area of Mandaue City that doesn't seem to know what to do with its clients. It is called MO2, whatever that means.

We checked that place last night for an advance birthday celebration of a good friend. At 9 in the evening the place was already somewhat full, the umbrellas with tables within were basically occupied we were standing on the sides waiting for vacant ones. 

When we were seated, we ordered our food and drinks. After already consuming several bottles of Red Horse, we wondered what happened to our food. We asked the passing waiter to follow up on our order. It took awhile for the food to arrive and they were not even exceptional. Aside from a pathetic serving, you speculate on why the food was cold in the center and hot on the sides when they were served on a sizzling plate. They were not even sizzling when served! I would not make so much fuzz if they made a try on the presentation side but there was nothing. It was like the cook (I would not dare call her/him chef) slapped the kare kare de pata (120 pesos) and the oxtongue shuffle (120 pesos) on the plate.

But one disgusting part at the MO2 restobar was it took us several calls to several waiters for us to be served. We were not even far from the main restaurant where a band was singing mushy songs. With this kind of service we knew we would be having a long night and predicted that this place would not last long. Maybe just a few days more after Sinulog. So we asked for our bill so we could transfer to the East West at The Walk in the IT Park where a better service awaited us.

A waiter, when asked for our bill, asked us who served us. We told him there were several of them. Another waiter took a list of what we ordered and brought it to the cashier. We waited for several minutes. Another visit from another waiter but still we were not able to get our bill. Our friend who knew the manager there went to the cashier to ask the bill himself but the cashier asked him again what our orders were. Another list. He came back to our table and waited. But waiting in vain is not a good idea especially if your clients meant to pay you.

Another waiter. Another list. Another waiting. We still waited in vain.

Irritated, we walked out from the place not paying.

Nobody called after us. Nobody stopped us.

Maybe this was the reason why the place was full.


kg said...

give them a month. kung di man sila magsara dahil sa walang customers, malaman dahil sa lugi na sila dahil may kumakain nga, parang wala naman nagbabayad!

Edik said...

hahaha may tama ka Grace. instead of feeling guilty, we were even disgusted of their service.

no. we are not a bunch of kids looking for freebies. we are all professionals interested in seeking good food and booze in Cebu and share them to newbies in the city.